Violet Guided Meditation

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Hello Everyone, 

In these challenging times as we attempt to maintain our centre and balance and be in alignment with our true soul energy it is important to take time to just “be”, in amongst perhaps our work from home and home-schooling our children and being cooped up 

I have found that a gift of this time in “isolation” has been a deeper connection or re-connection with others: family , friends and neighbours through the many technological platforms available to us. How fortunate we are to have these channels of communication. 

My desire is that we all find a sense of peace in this process. So with this in mind I have recorded a guided meditation for you, centring around the colour Violet. 

I do hope you are able to find the time (about 25 minutes) to rest, relax, and be at peace while you listen and are transported on the Violet Ray of Light.

Click below to listen .

I wish you Love and Peace

Ruthie . 



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