A Solstice Meditation for the Great Conjunction 21 December 2020

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8 Responses

  1. Happy Solstice to you dear Ruthie.

    In this very troubled Yuletide Season in Sydney, it is just so reassuring to know that our Archangels are with us as we enter The Summer Solstice. May they bring peace and good health to each and everyone
    on Mother Earth for the coming year.

    With Love and Blessings

  2. A beautiful meditation for a very special occasion. I went very deep and stayed there long after your voice finished. I felt I was able to be in touch with the ceremony at Uluru and the many thousands of people meditating worldwide at this time.

    1. Thank you Barry, so pleased that you were able to connect in with the global collective consciousness in meditation and with the ceremony at Uluru.
      Happy New Energy !

  3. This was a lovely guided meditation, thank you so much!
    I went down to Wategos Beach this evening (here in Byron Bay), stood right in the middle of the dark empty beach, facing the ocean, and did the meditation. Just me and the clear night sky above, pierced every so often by the light of Cape Byron lighthouse. As I opened my eyes at the end of the meditation the first thing I saw was a shooting star….then exactly at the time of the Summer Solstice (just after 9pm) a gust of wind from nowhere suddenly appeared and left shortly after….a very special night xx

    1. Oh Chloe your meditation sounds magical – what a beautiful place to connect into the collective consciousness and the Universal energy. Blessed by your shooting star!
      Much love Ruthie x

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