Happy 2016 – the Energy of the “9”

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2016 is a Global “9” Year Numerologically.

9 better

The number 9 resonates with creativity, sensitivity, loyalty, generosity, problem-solving, optimism, duty, obligations, mysticism, tolerance and Divine wisdom.

This may prove to be the year we need as a planet to rebalance and right the wrongs of the past. As humanity we have the opportunity to address our tolerance and altruism and use our inner wisdom to have empathy for others.

The Universal Spiritual Laws will come into play this year more so than ever before as we complete the cycle of energy that we have been in for the past nine years. The concept of karma and giving out what you wish to receive will be highlighted this year as will greater spiritual awakening and enlightenment for many. Be careful what you wish for and remember that in 2016 everything you send out towards others will come back to you.

2016 will be the year of a greater and louder call to work for those already on the spiritual path and these Lightworkers will find themselves needing to lead by example.

This is also importantly the year to complete projects and unfinished business, resolve outstanding issues on every level and finalise all those things you have put off for months or years. September (the 9th month of this 9 global year) will be particularly strong regarding completion.

Universal Love and recognition of our humanity and our personal life purpose and mission will be particularly important in 2016 as our collective energy shifts to begin a new cycle in 2017.

I send you every good wish as you embrace a Happy, Healthy, Loving and Creative 2016


happy new year 2016


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